Garmin Device to TrainingPeaks Sync

The easiest way to get activities saved on a Garmin watch (athlete) to a TrainingPeaks account (coach) is described here.

This method involves the initial setup of a few accounts and sync permissions. Once in place, the athlete will only need to bring their Garmin watch to a computer, laptop or tablet to Sync. The activity data will be automatically transferred to the Coaches TrainingPeaks account.

The Athlete will need to set up their own Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks accounts, and link these together via an AutoSync. The athlete will also need to install Garmin Express onto their laptop, computer or tablet. A laptop, computer or tablet running Garmin Express (with ANT+ stick plugged in) will transfer activity files from the 910XT to Garmin Connect.

With the AutoSync setup between Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks, the activity will also be upload to their TrainingPeaks account automatically. The coach, who is linked with each athlete through TrainingPeaks, will be able to view these activities as soon after they transferred.

In summary, the athlete can periodically upload their activity data from their Garmin watch by Syncing their device with Garmin Express. The activity files will automatically make their way to the coaches TrainingPeaks account. With this method, there is no need for the athlete to manually export or email files to the coach.

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