Initial sync

Step 1

  • Power on the Garmin watch that you wish to transfer the activity files from, and plug an ANT+ stick into the computer, laptop or tablet that will be running Garmin Express.

Step 2

  • Open Garmin Express. The first time you run Garmin Express, you will be prompted to 'Add a Device'.

Step 3

  • Click 'Add a Device'. Garmin Express will begin to search for the Garmin watch.

Step 4

  • When a device is found, make sure that the Serial Number detected matches that of the watch you wish to transfer activities from. After confirming the correct Serial Number, select 'Add Device'. The watch will proceed to pair with Garmin Express:

Step 5

  • Once paired, you will need to Sync with Garmin Connect. Select 'Sign In' and enter your login details for Garmin Connect.

Step 6

  • With the link now made with Garmin Connect, the final step is to give the Device a Nickname.

  • To complete the setup, press Finish.

A sync will automatically begin and activity files will be transferred from the Garmin watch.

Depending on the number of files to transfer, this may take several minutes. A notification will appear when the sync process has completed.

The activity files will now be available for viewing in Garmin Connect, and in a minute or two later, TrainingPeaks. If you are linked with your coach via TrainingPeaks, you coach will be able to view your activity at this time also.

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