Configure your power meter settings

All of the settings need to be set before using your power meter for the first time. Additionally, one or more of the settings may require updating whenever you:

  • change the location of your hands along the shaft

  • change your overall paddle length

  • attach a new set of blades

The settings can be set using the Web Bluetooth App, specifically the page.

1. Connect

Make sure your power meter is on and connect via our OGL app

  • Press the '+' icon shown in the top right hand corner and select your power meter from the drop-down list.

  • Press the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner and select the 'configuration' page.

Everything should look pretty similar to the screenshot above. We need to fill in the 'Blade tip to hand distances' the 'Blade tip to LED distance' and select the correct 'blade type' to properly configure your power meter for use.

2. Measuring blade tip to hand distances

A. Measuring blade tip to top hand

Place then end of the tape measure on the tip of the blade and measure to the top hand position. The top hand position is located in the mid-point of the handle grip. Write down the measurement, we'll input it in a bit.

B. Measuring blade tip to bottom hand

Same as before, place the end of the tape measure on the tip of the blade and measure to the bottom hand position. The bottom hand position is located at the middle finger knuckle. Make a note of the measurement.

To make sure the power meter operates with consistent accuracy, it is important that your bottom hand location does not deviate from your bottom hand measurement. It is highly recommended to tape the shaft at the location, similar to the image below

3. Measuring blade tip to LED distance

Same as before, tape measure on the tip of the blade and measure to the LED, as shown below.

4. Enter measurements

click on the 'Blade tip to hand distances field and enter you measurements.

5. Select blade type

click on the 'Blade type' and select your blade type from the list of options.

This option isn't required for Dragon boat power meters

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