Firmware Changelog

0.1.29 - 2019-02-27


  • Correct power values depended on having zero offsets that were accurate to a level that in practice was difficult to achieve. This is no longer the case.

  • When recording High Speed Data, a number of samples were being discarded and not recorded to the .fit file. This has now been fixed.

  • Some power meters exhibited occasional erroneous values in the output column of the Calibration page. The underlying issue has now been resolved.


  • Power/force is now being measured in the thrust plane only (the plane normal to the blade face). Only a negligible amount power/force is generated in the orthogonal plane, so this change shouldn't have a noticeable affect on the total power values.

  • The LED represents the remaining battery capacity (when not charging) and no longer represents the connection state. Every five seconds the LED on each shaft will blink for a short period up to five times. Five blinks represents 80-100% capacity, four blinks represents 60-80% capacity etc. The LED blink will switch to 'breathing' mode when charging (on for one second, off for one second). This 'breathing' will change to on for 5 seconds, off for 10ms when the shaft is fully charged.

  • The transmit power for the bicycle power meter ANT+ channel has been increased from 0dBm to +4dBm.


  • The firmware version running on the left shaft (kayak) is now displayed in the Web Bluetooth app.

0.1.21 - 2018-12-05


  • The 'Power balance' metric was found to favour one side of the stroke. This has now been fixed.


  • ANT+ displays will now correctly interpret the power values as per stroke (rather than per second) and subsequently store them in the .fit file in a physiologically appropriate manner where each sample represents the average power output over the recording interval (typically 1s).

  • The battery state of the left shaft (kayak) is communicated by the right shaft (kayak) to the Web Bluetooth app using a different protocol (to support Polar head-units and accessing the Web Bluetooth app on iOS). Web Bluetooth app v0.0.17 or higher is required to correctly receive the left shaft battery state.


  • Support for Polar head-units (tested with M460 and V800).

0.1.14 - 2018-11-23


  • Deep sleep mode triggering issues.


  • Increased wake-up motion threshold from 750mg to 1000mg.

  • The left shaft (kayak) no longer appears as a cycling power meter to prevent the user accidentally connecting to the left shaft over Bluetooth (when the right shaft (kayak) is asleep) when using e.g. the Wahoo 'Fitness' app.


  • Active gain error compensation of the load cells analog-to-digital converter.

  • Support for the Kayak Power Meter model (without High Speed Data).

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