Power Meter w/ High Speed Data

Power Meter w/ High Speed Data (USD$1999)

  • BLE/ANT+ real-time (per-stroke) metrics for display/collection on BLE/ANT+ head-units

    • Average Stroke Power, Strokes Per Minute and Average Stroke Power Balance available on all compatible devices e.g. Garmin, Polar and Suunto

  • On-board memory to record a minimum of 4 hours of High Speed Data (nominally 100Hz with up to 200Hz proposed) in .fit file format

  • High Speed Data from the left and the right shafts are automatically synchronized, combined into a single .fit file and recorded in a single location (the right shaft) for ease of download.

  • Wireless downloading of High Speed Data over ANT (download over BLE proposed)

  • High-accuracy clock enables time-synchronization of High Speed Data with other data sources such as High Speed Data from additional power meters (e.g. K2 or K4) or video, boat acceleration, GPS boat speed etc.

  • UTC time-synchronization requires a GPS sync box (sold separately) and the syncing process occurs automatically over-the-air (i.e. no cables).

High Speed Data (100Hz) Metrics for Power Meter w/ High Speed Data

  • Top Hand Force

  • Bottom Hand Force

  • Top Hand Power

  • Bottom Hand Power

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