How to update the power meter firmware using nRF Connect

Please ensure the nRF Connect application is installed on the Android or iOS smartphone that will be used to upload the firmware to the power meter. The app is available on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

The right shaft will automatically connect to the left shaft if both shafts are awake - when the left and right shaft are connected to each other it is not possible to 'discover' the left shaft. In order to 'discover' and connect to the left shaft, you can either:

  • wait 180 seconds for the right shaft to go to sleep (if you've disconnected from it) or

  • put the power meter into deep sleep mode and attach the charger to the left shaft to wake it up whilst the right shaft remains in deep sleep mode

As long as the right shaft is asleep and the left shaft is awake, you can discover and connect to the left shaft.

Step 1. Open the nRF Connect application and navigate to the 'SCANNER' tab

Step 2. Click the 'SCAN' button

Step 3. Identify the appropriate shaft and click 'CONNECT'

Step 4. Press the DFU button in the top right-hand corner

Step 5. Ensure file type is set to 'Distribution packet (ZIP)' and click 'OK'

Step 6. Navigate to the folder containing the firmware package in your phone's file system and select the .zip file

  • The process of uploading the firmware to the shaft will automatically begin (as shown below).

  • Clicking on the 'PWRMETER' tab will display the progress of the firmware upload (as shown below).

Step 7. Click 'DISCONNECT' once the firmware upload is complete

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