Remove and attach your sleeve

The following instructions explain how to remove and install the clamp sleeve. A clamp sleeve of a different length can be fitted to lengthen or shorten the shaft.

Step 1. Remove the existing sleeve

  • The sleeve is fitted to the shaft with hot-melt glue. Using a heat gun, heat up the glued end of the sleeve. The glued section is 75mm long. Take care not to overheat the shaft by heating gradually and frequently checking to see if the glue connection can be separated.

Step 2. Apply masking tape to the shaft

  • Allow a 35mm spacing between the end of the shaft and the edge of the tape.

Step 3. Apply tape to the end of the clamp sleeve

Step 4. Apply hot-melt glue to the spigot section of the shaft

  • Heat and spread evenly.

Step 5. Heat up the glue on the shaft and pre-heat the clamp sleeve

Step 6. Assemble the clamp sleeve onto the shaft

  • When the glue becomes melted and the clamp shaft warm, quickly assemble the clamp sleeve onto the shaft. Slide the clamp sleeve down the shaft until the bottom edge meets the tape applied in Step 2. Roughly align the “0 degree” marking on the clamp with the datum mark on the shaft.

Step 7. Carefully assemble the left and right shafts of the power meter together

  • Clamp and set the offset angle to zero degrees. Take care as the hot-melt glue joint will still be hot and not yet set.

Step 8. Align the left and right blades

  • Align the left and right blades by placing both blades down onto two level surfaces. The hot melt glue joint will rotate to it's correct position. If not, apply more heat to the sleeve to reactivate the glue. Make sure the left and right blades are supported an equal distance from the tip.

Step 9. Allow the hot melt glue to cool and set and then remove the masking tape

  • Applying the heat gun to any excess glue on top of the tape will allow the tape to be removed easily, removing the excess glue with it.

  • Any remaining excess hot melt glue can be rubbed away using Mineral Turpentine soaked rag.

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