Power Zones
With Functional Threshold Power (FTP) established, the following zones can be set for power-based training:
    Zone 1: Active Recovery = < 55% of FTP
    Zone 2: Endurance = 56-75% of FTP
    Zone 3: Tempo = 76-90% of FTP
    Zone 4: Lactate Threshold = 91-105% of FTP
    Zone 5: VO2 Max = 106-120% of FTP
    Zone 6: Anaerobic Capacity = 121-150% of FTP
    Zone 7: Neuromuscular Power = maximum effort
With power based training, it is important to keep track of Functional Threshold Power (FTP), and make sure it is current. FTP changes relatively quickly and expect FTP to change about every four to eight weeks as fitness develops. Monitoring FTP also provides excellent insight into fitness development.
Last modified 3yr ago
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