Deep Sleep

Your power meter will enter a light sleep after 180 seconds of inactivity and a little movement will wake it up again. However, if you are travelling a long distance, it may be worth putting your power meter into a deep sleep to conserve battery as this will prevent the power meter from waking up when experiencing movement.

You will need your charger to wake the shaft up from this deep sleep state, so keep that in mind before placing your power meter into deep sleep.

Step 1: Connect to your Power Meter

  • Connect to your power meter with the Web Bluetooth App.

  • Navigate to the configuration page.

Step 2: Click the 'Deep sleep' button

Step 3. Click 'Confirm'

  • Click 'Confirm' and your power meter will disconnect and shutdown.

When you want to wake your power meter up, simply place the charger on the shaft as if you were going to charge it.

It should only take about 3-5 seconds for the charger to wake up your power meter.

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