How to download High Speed Data (ANT)

If you are having trouble downloading files (e.g. downloads seem to stop before being finished), it is most likely due to interference from a nearby WiFi router. Consider disconnecting power to the WiFi router or moving the USB ANT stick far away from the source of interference.

If you don't have ANT-FS PC Tools installed on your computer you will need to download it from here:

You will need to create an account and sign in to in order to download the software. Please use an alternative browser if Chrome produces an error.

Step 1. Insert a USB ANT stick into a USB port on a Windows PC/tablet

Step 2. Open the 'ANT-FS PC Host' application

Step 2. Click 'Open'

Step 3. Click 'Options' (Optional)

Once you've set the options once you shouldn't need to perform this step again as the application will store and automatically load these options next time you launch the software.

Step 4. Set the 'Device ID' to the serial number of the power meter (Optional)

A wildcard search will be performed if the Device ID is set to '0'.

Step 6. Click 'Pass Thru'

Step 7. Click 'Directory'

Step 8. Browse to the location where you wish to download the file and enter a file name

Step 9. Select the file you wish to download from the Directory at the bottom of the window

Step 10. Click 'Download'

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