High Speed Data Recording Fault

You may discover that your High Speed Data model Power Meter is not successfully recording HSD files. This issue can temporarily develop if the Power Meter was charged with the incorrect procedure following the battery being completely flat.

The correct charging procedure is to place the charger onto the shaft prior to supplying power to the charger.

To remedy this issue, you must fully discharge the Power Meter. You can do this by leaving it connected to the Web App for a few hours which ensures the Power Meter won't fall asleep due to inactivity. Once the battery is fully depleted, take care to place the charger on the shaft prior to supplying power to the charger.

Only when the battery is fully discharged do the electronics turn off completely. When the electronics are turned on for the first time, a stable power source must be provided for the initialisation to occur correctly. When you bring a powered charger into position, there's a brief period, as the charger moves closer to the shaft, where the power from the charger causes the electronics to be neither on or off (much like Schrödinger's cat). This rapid switching between on and off, causes the High Speed Data initialisation to fail. Placing the charger prior to supplying power to it, provides a stable power source to the Power Meter.

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