Upgrade Description

The Power Meter is a physiology tool - for monitoring training intensity, measuring training load and tracking fitness development by measuring Power (Watts) and providing feedback once-a-second or once-per-stroke.

The High Speed Data upgrade builds on the physiology focused features of the Power Meter and adds biomechanics/technique focused features in the form of recording the data at 100 samples a second (i.e. High Speed Data). The features of the High Speed Data upgrade are a superset of those found in the Power Meter.

We encourage those who aren't sport scientists or researchers; those who don't have access to a sport scientist or a highly analytical coach, or those who aren't part of a national team (where access to sport science expertise is a safe assumption and team boat paddling is common) to opt for the Power Meter as the additional features of the High Speed Data upgrade may not be effectively utilized in all cases.

On the flip-side, if you have access to a sport scientist (particularly if they have a background in biomechanics) and/or team boat paddling is common (where detailed stroke-timing between athletes may be investigated) then we strongly recommend opting for the High Speed Data upgrade.

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