Gen 3.1
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Training to improve 30 second or 1 minute Power

Suggested sessions to improve 30 second or 1 minute Power:
Efforts of 20 seconds @ Zone 7
  • 40 seconds rest between efforts
  • 10 efforts per session
Efforts of 20 seconds – 30 seconds – 20 seconds (60s rest between) @ Zone 6
  • 3 minutes rest between efforts
  • 8 efforts per session
High intensity anaerobic training can not be sustained in high volume continuously. It can only be sustained in high volume for 6-8 consecutive weeks maximum. After this time, the effects of the sustained efforts risk athlete burn-out and illness. Understand the risk associated with these sessions. High intensity sessions, like those suggested in the 4 minute, 1 minute and 30 second target sessions above, are best applied in the few months leading up to competition. They sharpen the athlete and develop race condition.