Battery Charging

Your Power Meter will have been shipped to you in Deep Sleep mode.

Before the Power Meter will operate you will need to attach the wireless charger to the Power Meter spigot to force it out of deep sleep.

Charging time

Charging a battery from empty to full should take around 3.5 to 4 hours.

Charger placement

If you are charging a Power Meter that has a fully depleted battery, it is important to place the charger onto the shaft prior to supplying power to the charger.

Failure to follow this procedure may result in a temporary fault which causes the Power Meter to not record High Speed Data files.

  • The red LED on the charger will illuminate when the charger is powered i.e. one end of the microUSB cable is plugged into the charger and the other end is plugged into an appropriate 5V wall adapter or USB port.

  • The green LED on the charger will only illuminate when the charger is in the correct position and the power meter is being charged.

Battery level indication

When the Power Meter is awake the power meter LED will indicate battery level via the number of flashes.

  • 1 flash between pauses = 0 - 20% charge

  • 2 flashes between pauses = 20 - 40% charge

  • 3 flashes between pauses = 40 - 60% charge

  • 4 flashes between pauses = 60 - 80% charge

  • 5 flashes between pauses = 80 - 100% charge

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