Assemble your power meter

This guide describes the process of assembling the components required to create your power meter. This guide assumes the blades, shafts, spigot and clamp are separate.

It is very important that the blades are correctly aligned relative to the markings on the spigot. Please study the instructions below to ensure you have the correct alignment.

Step 1. Identify the components

  • The Power Meter Spigot is the 235mm long tube with the length scale engraved.

  • You will need two half-shafts and a clamp to create the shaft assembly.

  • Attaching two blades will complete the paddle assembly.

Step 2. Assemble the Left Shaft

  • Sand the inside surface of the Left Shaft to enhance adhesion.

    • If you purchased any shaft from One Giant Leap then you'll find that the inside surface of both ends of the shaft have already been sanded & degreased.

  • Glue the Power Meter Spigot into the end of one of the half-shafts. The use of hot-melt glue is highly recommended so that the spigot can be removed if required.

  • Ensure 35mm of exposed spigot between the end of the shaft and the 0cm marking.

Step 3. Assemble the Right Shaft

  • Sand the inside surface of the clamp and the outside surface of the shaft to enhance adhesion.

  • Glue the Clamp onto the end of the other half-shaft. The use of an epoxy adhesive is recommended to achieve a robust bond.

Step 4. Trim the blade end of each shaft

Trim the blade end of each half shaft the appropriate amount so that you achieve your desired paddle length.

  • Trim the blade end of each paddle shaft the appropriate amount such that the Power Meter Spigot LED will be located at the mid-way point along the length of the paddle when the length adjustment is set to 0cm on the length scale.

Step 5. Attach the Left Blade

  • Glue the Left Blade onto the end of the Left Shaft assembly (the shaft with the Power Meter Spigot attached). The use of hot-melt glue is recommended.

  • Set the Left Blade on the end of the Left Shaft to the position where the face of the Left Blade is aligned with the length scale and LED (as shown below).

Step 6. Attach the Right Blade

  • Glue the Right Blade onto the end of the Right Shaft assembly (this is the shaft with the clamp attached). The use of hot melt glue is recommended.

  • To get the correct alignment of the Right Blade, assemble the paddle and set the angle adjustment to zero degrees on the clamp.

  • Lay the paddle blade-face down resting on two level supports (see example picture below).

  • Be sure to support the each blade an equal distance from the blade tip.

  • The correct Right Blade alignment is achieved when both blades are sitting level on each support with the clamp angle still set to zero degrees.

Step 7. Charge your Power Meter

pageBattery Charging

Step 8. Adjust your clamp

pageClamp Adjustment

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