Shaft & Blade Sizing

Outrigger Canoe


For Outrigger Canoe, the power meter spigot is designed to fit a shaft with a 26.8mm Internal Diameter.

One Giant Leap have carbon shafts available for purchase with a 26.8mm Internal Diameter.


If the blade fits inside the shaft, then the blade needs to fit into either:

  • a 26.8mm ID shaft or

  • a 26.0mm ID shaft (requires a 'spacer' One Giant Leap can supply on request)

For example, a 26.8mm/26.0mm spacer is needed to get a Kialoa Ekahi blade to fit a 26.8mm ID shaft.

If the blade fits over the shaft, then the blade socket needs to accept:

  • a 29.2mm OD shaft (should you opt to use a One Giant Leap shaft). This means the blade socket ID needs to be around 29mm.

For example, a Quickblade Kanaha blade has a socket with a 29mm ID and can readily accept a 29.2mm OD shaft.

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